Preliminary Program (as of 22 January 2015)

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Inherited Arrhythmia
01-3010:40-12:20N104-105Session:Approach to Genetic Testing for Heritable Arrhythmias: How to …
Chair(s)Chi Ming TAM, Hong Kong
Jing Feng WANG, China
Kai Tung Aldophus CHAU, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Heritability patterns of early repolarization syndromeJyh-Ming JUANGTaiwan
Topic 2.PRKAG2 Cardiac SyndromeYang LIUChina
Topic 3.How to approach the results of genetic testing in sudden death patientsKui HONGChina
Topic 4.How to counsel patients with children following genetic testingPriya CHOCKALINGAMIndia
Topic 5.Optimizing the yield of genetic testing: Avoiding unnecessary testingSumeet CHUGHUSA
Topic 6.IL6R polymorphisms and risk of atrial fibrillationYu LIUChina
01-3010:40-12:20N106-107Session:ICD Implant Related Issues
Chair(s)Hygriv RAO, India
Lihua SHANG, China
Swee-Chong SEOW, Singapore
Wing Hong FUNG, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Morbidity and mortality impact of ICD therapy: short and long termDavid CANNOMUSA
Topic 2.Implanting to minimize complicationsBo YUChina
Topic 3.When and how to test defibrillationYong-Seog OHSouth Korea
Topic 4.Incidence, recognition and therapy of ICD infectionsBruce WILKOFFUSA
Topic 5.Follow leads with and without reliability issuesKenneth ELLENBOGENUSA
Oral Abstract Session
01-3010:40-12:20N108Session:Atrial Fibrillation (Ablation) 1
Chair(s)Bruce STAMBLER, USA
Jian An WANG, China
Minoru HORIE, Japan
Remote Monitoring
01-3010:40-12:20N109-110Session:Remote Monitoring and Sensors
Chair(s)Charles Kau-chung HO, Hong Kong
Tat Chi Godwin LEUNG, Hong Kong
Yuji NAKAZATO, Japan
Topic 1.Who benefits from hemodynamic monitoring and CRT optimizationCarsten ISRAELGermany
Topic 2.Role of remote monitoring to manage ventricular tachyarrhythmias in heart failure patientsKatherine FANHong Kong
Topic 3.Implantable pressure sensorsKheng-Siang NGSingapore
Topic 4.Impedance and other sensorsCheuk Man YUHong Kong
Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
01-3010:40-12:20N111-112Session:Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation: State of the Art
Chair(s)Jo Jo HAI, Hong Kong
Prashanthan SANDERS, Australia
Shaoying ZENG, China
Topic 1.The scientific basis of AF ablation: why does it work? Peng-Sheng CHENUSA
Topic 2.Catheter ablation of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation current technique, success, and complications
Topic 3.Catheter ablation of long standing persistent atrial fibrillation current technique, success, and complicationsShih-Ann CHENTaiwan
Topic 4.Mapping rotors: scientific interest or clinical toolMeleze HOCINIFrance
Topic 5.Guideline recommendations for AF ablation: what is new? Hugh CALKINSUSA
HF Device & Monitoring
01-3013:50-15:30N104-105Session:Optimization of CRT
Chair(s)Mahito NORO, Japan
Qi Zhu TANG, China
Yong-Seog OH, South Korea
Yu Ho CHAN, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Impact of QRS duration and morphology on CRT effectivenessCheuk Man YUHong Kong
Topic 2.Effect of lead position on clinical outcomeBruce STAMBLERUSA
Topic 3.RV function in CRTDavid BENDITTUSA
Topic 4.Novel LV lead placementPierre BORDACHARFrance
Topic 5.Role of MRI for CRTKai Hang YIUHong Kong
Atrial Fibrillation Epidemiology
01-3013:50-15:30N106-107Session:AF Epidemiology: Asian Perspective
Chair(s)Bing YANG, China
Jae-Won LEE, South Korea
Quan FANG, China
Wang-Sum TSE, Hong Kong
Topic 1.AF in Hong KongPak-Hei CHANHong Kong
Topic 2.AF in SingaporeWee-Siong TEOSingapore
Topic 3.AF in KoreaHyung-Wook PARKSouth Korea
Topic 4.AF in GULFMohammad ZUBAIDKuwait
Topic 5.AF in TaiwanTze-Fan CHAOTaiwan
Topic 6.AF in ThailandTachapong NGARMUKOSThailand
Oral Abstract Session
01-3013:50-15:30N108Session:Ablation VT/SVT
Chair(s)Chee-Wo WU, Hong Kong
Jyh-Ming JUANG, Taiwan
Yoshio KOSAKAI, Japan
01-3013:50-15:30N109-110Session:CRT Workshop 1
Chair(s)Chun-Chieh WANG, Taiwan
Fang Zheng WANG, China
Hon Wah Raymond CHAN, Hong Kong
John TH WONG, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Where to place the RV leadHarry MONDAustralia
Topic 2.Role of echo to guide LV lead placementKai Hang YIUHong Kong
Topic 3.Benefit of quadripolar LV leadsLuigi PADELETTIItaly
Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
01-3013:50-15:30N111-112Session:Technical Aspects of Ablation Tools
Chair(s)Chiu On PUN, Hong Kong
De Jia HUANG, China
Muhammad MUNAWAR, Indonesia
Richard SUTTON, Monaco
Topic 1.How to maximize the value of force sensing ablation cathetersKarl Heinz KUCKGermany
Topic 2.Value and pitfalls of image integrationChang Sheng MAChina
Topic 3.How to identify rotors?Carlo PAPPONEItaly
Topic 4.How to maximize the value of ICE imaging?Chin Pang Gary CHANHong Kong
Topic 5.How to prevent an atrial esophageal fistula?Hugh CALKINSUSA
01-3016:00-17:40N101ASession:Advanced Electrocardiography
PanelistsChang Sheng MA, China
Ken OKUMURA, Japan
Shih-Ann CHEN, Taiwan
HF Device & Monitoring
01-3016:00-17:40N104-105Session:Advances in CRT Therapy
Chair(s)Dong-Gu SHIN, South Korea
Jian MA, China
Wai-Suen LEUNG, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Expanding indications of CRTFang FANGHong Kong
Topic 2.Left ventricular endocardial leadless pacing Chu Pak LAUHong Kong
Topic 3.Predictors of mortality and cardiovascular mortality after CRTBo YANGChina
Topic 4.Electromechanical guidance to CRTPierre BORDACHARFrance
Topic 5.Antiarrhythmic effects of CRT with triple biventricular stimulationMichio OGANOJapan
Oral Abstract Session
01-3016:00-17:40N108Session:Sudden Cardiac Death / Tachycardia Therapy Device
Chair(s)Jielin PU, China
King-Loong CHEUNG, Hong Kong
Maria Belen O. CARISMA, Philippines
01-3016:00-17:40N109-110Session:Hot Topics in Syncope
Chair(s)Ngai Shing MOK, Hong Kong
Peng-Sheng CHEN, USA
Xiu Fen QU, China
Topic 1.Syncope: when to worry?David BENDITTUSA
Topic 2.Appropriate tests for syncopeHaruhiko ABEJapan
Topic 3.Orthostatic hypotension as a cause of syncope in the elderlyImran Zainal ABIDINMalaysia
Topic 4.Causes of transient loss of consciousness and assessment of need for hospitalizationAndy Wai-Kwong CHANHong Kong
Topic 5.Cardiac pacing for vasovagal syncopeRichard SUTTONMonaco
Atrial Fibrillation Epidemiology
01-3016:00-17:40N111-112Session:Stroke Prevention for AF in Asian populations
Chair(s)Min TANG, China
Mohammad ZUBAID, Kuwait
Ngai Yin CHAN, Hong Kong
Nigel LEVER, New Zealand
Topic 1.LAAO in Asian populations
Topic 2.Warfarin therapy for AF in AsianChung Wah David SIUHong Kong
Topic 3.Overview of current AF guidelinesTze-Fan CHAOTaiwan
Topic 4.Triple therapy for Asian AF patients with CADMahito NOROJapan
Topic 5.NOAC for SPAF in AsiaChern-En CHIANGTaiwan
Special Session
01-3016:00-17:40N111-112Session:Sudden Cardiac Death Symposium (Supported by unrestricted grant from Hong Kong Heart Foundation & Wei Lun Foundation Ltd.)
Chair(s)James Woon Wai WONG, Singapore
Jing XU, China
Kathy LF LEE, Hong Kong
PanelistsChris Kwok-Yiu WONG, Hong Kong
Chu Pak LAU, Hong Kong
Chun Ho CHENG, Hong Kong
Kam Tim CHAN, Hong Kong
Shu Kin LI, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Rising burden of pulseless electrical activity: causes and implicationsSumeet CHUGHUSA
Topic 2.Following acute myocardial infarctionKarl Heinz KUCKGermany
Topic 3.In non-ischemic cardiomyopathyWing Hong FUNGHong Kong
Topic 4.Assessing risk of SCD in the young athleteKit CHANHong Kong
Topic 5.Exercise presccription for patients at established high riskLeonard SW LIHong Kong
Sponsored Symposium
01-3018:00-19:45N101ASession:Merck Sharp & Dohme Cocktail Reception & Evening Symposium
Chair(s)Chris Kwok-Yiu WONG, Hong Kong
Hung Fat TSE, Hong Kong
Yuk Kong LAU, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Cocktail Reception
Topic 2.Sharing the APHRS guideline on anticoagulation in AFChu Pak LAUHong Kong
Topic 3.Lowering CV risk - how low can you go?Shu Kin LIHong Kong
Topic 4.Panel discussion
Sponsored Symposium
01-3018:30-20:00N206-208Session:St. Jude Medical Dinner Symposium - AF & VT Ablation Technologies
Chair(s)Young-Hoon KIM, South Korea
Topic 1.Advanced ablation technologies for improved clinical outcomes (CoolFlex, Tacticath & 3Gi)
Topic 2.Strategy for complex arrhythmia ablation (Precision)Shih-Ann CHENTaiwan
Topic 3.Future imaging technologies (Integrated Lab)Gerhard HINDRICKSGermany
Date Time Venue Speaker Country
Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
01-3108:30-10:10N101ASession:Technical Aspects of AF Ablation
Chair(s)Minoru HORIE, Japan
Suet Ting LAU, Hong Kong
Xue Bin LI, China
Topic 1.How to achieve permanent PV isolation using RF energyYun Long XIAChina
Topic 2.How to achieve permanent PV isolation using the cryoballoonNgai Yin CHANHong Kong
Topic 3.How to present stroke and asymptomatic cerebral emboli during AF ablationHugh CALKINSUSA
Topic 4.How to map and ablate left atrial flutter post AF ablationHui-Nam PAKSouth Korea
Topic 5.How to safely perform a transseptal puncture without ICEChen Yang JIANGChina
Sponsored Symposium
01-3108:30-10:10N104-105Session:Biosense Webster - Back to Zero EP Course 1
Chair(s)Chen Yang JIANG, China
Wee-Siong TEO, Singapore
Yan YAO, China
Topic 1.Anatomic understanding and catheter manipulation in SVTsChen Yang JIANGChina
Topic 2.Differentiate diagnosis for complex SVTsWee-Siong TEOSingapore
Oral Abstract Session
01-3108:30-10:10N109-110Session:Heart Failure & Remote Patient Monitoring 1
Chair(s)Bo HAN, China
Kwok Lap CHAN, Hong Kong
Basic and Translational Science
01-3108:30-10:10N111-112Session:The Fibrillating Heart
Chair(s)Li Qun WU, China
Luigi PADELETTI, Italy
Man Yung Bernard CHEUNG, Hong Kong
Takanori IKEDA, Japan
Topic 1.Localization of rotors in atrial fibrillationPrashanthan SANDERSAustralia
Topic 2.Body surface mapping in atrial fibrillation: technology and clinical applicationMeleze HOCINIFrance
Topic 3.Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathiesKalyanam SHIVKUMARUSA
Topic 4.Post-infarct denervation/reinnervation and arrhythmogenesisPeng-Sheng CHENUSA
HF Device & Monitoring
01-3108:30-10:10N201ASession:Heart Failure Device 3
Chair(s)Chi Keung AU YEONG, Hong Kong
Haruhiko ABE, Japan
Tak Sun TSE, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Avoidance of phrenic nerve stimulation in CRTKenneth ELLENBOGENUSA
Topic 2.Optimization of AV intervalsMuhammad MUNAWARIndonesia
Topic 3.Remote monitoring of patients with ICDs and heart failureEdmund KEUNGUSA
Topic 4.Endocardio LV pacingPierre BORDACHARFrance
Topic 5.Optimal programming to reduce ICD shocksKatherine FANHong Kong
VT Ablation
01-3108:30-10:10N201BSession:Outcome of VT Ablation
Chair(s)Ho Chuen YUEN, Hong Kong
Tze-Fan CHAO, Taiwan
U-Po LAM, Macau
Yoshio KOSAKAI, Japan
Topic 1.Mapping and ablation of intra-septal / intra mural VTsVenkat THOLAKANAHALLIUSA
Topic 2.Programmed stimulation: results and their relation to long term survival Karl Heinz KUCKGermany
Topic 3.Role of the NIPS (non-invasive programmed stimulation via the ICD)Carsten ISRAELGermany
Topic 4.Epicardial and ablation technique for VTsYoung-Hoon KIMSouth Korea
Topic 5.Endpoint of VT ablationYenn-Jiang LINTaiwan
Oral Abstract Session
01-3108:30-10:10N203Session:Case Report 1
Chair(s)Ka Chun CHAN, Hong Kong
Kheng-Siang NG, Singapore
Xilie LU, China
Arrhythmias in Congenital Hearts
01-3108:30-10:10N206-208Session:Difficult Catheter Ablation for Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Chair(s)Jian Zeng DONG, China
Kwok Fai LEUNG, Hong Kong
Michael Kang-Yin LEE, Hong Kong
Tak Cheung YUNG, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Catheter ablation for accessory pathway in complex heart anomaliesMorio SHODAJapan
Topic 2.Catheter ablation for AVNRT in complex heart anomaliesSabrina TSAOUSA
Topic 3.Evaluating families after sudden deathNgai Shing MOKHong Kong
Topic 4.Molecular autopsyEun-Jung BAESouth Korea
Topic 5.When are S-ICDs useful for primary prevention in channelopathies?Swee-Chong SEOWSingapore
Oral Abstract Session
01-3108:30-10:10N211-212Session:CSPE Best Abstract Award
Chair(s) and Judge(s)Cong Xin HUANG, China
Jian An WANG, China
Kam Tim CHAN, Hong Kong
Tak Him Patrick KO, Hong Kong
Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
01-3110:40-12:20N101ASession:Important Questions in the Field of AF Ablation?
Chair(s)Duncan HO, Hong Kong
Harry MOND, Australia
Mohan NAIR, India
Yu Tao GUO, China
Topic 1.Can AF ablation be performed safely in a patient on a NOAC without interruption?Yenn-Jiang LINTaiwan
Topic 2.Can anticoagulation be stopped 2 months post successful ablation in a patient with a high stroke risk? Jo Jo HAIHong Kong
Topic 3.Does targeting CFAEs improve outcomes of ablation or is this the wrong target?Jonathan KALMANAustralia
Topic 4.Should AF termination be the endpoint during ablation of long standing persistent AF? Jian Zeng DONGChina
Topic 5.Does contact force monitoring improve outcomes of AF ablation? Karl Heinz KUCKGermany
Sponsored Symposium
01-3110:40-12:20N104-105Session:Biosense Webster - Back to Zero EP Course 2
Chair(s)Chen Yang JIANG, China
Wee-Siong TEO, Singapore
Yan YAO, China
Topic 1.Ablation index and biophysicsYan YAOChina
Topic 2.How to reduce fluoroscopy in SVTs with new techniquesYan YAOChina
Sudden Cardiac Death
01-3110:40-12:20N106-108Session:Ventricular Arrhythmias in the General Population
Chair(s)Maria Belen O. CARISMA, Philippines
Mario EVORA, Macau
Warren Wai-lun WONG, Hong Kong
Yungang DONG, China
Topic 1.Asian sudden cardiac death in heart failure (ASIAN-HF) registryCarolyn LAMSingapore
Topic 2.Implications of the obesity and diabetes epidemicsPriya CHOCKALINGAMIndia
Topic 3.Gender differences in risk and preventionHygriv RAOIndia
Topic 4.Role of risk markers using exercise testing in clinical workup for arrhythmiasTakanori IKEDAJapan
Oral Abstract Session
01-3110:40-12:20N109-110Session:Atrial Fibrillation (Ablation) 2
Chair(s)Pak-Hei CHAN, Hong Kong
Wing-Hung SITT, Hong Kong
Yasuo OKUMURA, Japan
01-3110:40-12:20N111-112Session:Cardiac Neuraxial Targets to Modulate Arrhythmia Risk
Chair(s)Anil SAXENA, India
Fang WANG, China
Kwok Keung CHAN, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Cardiac intrinsic nervous system physiology and atrial arrhythmiasPeng-Sheng CHENUSA
Topic 2.Spinal cord stimulation in arrhythmia managementHung Fat TSEHong Kong
Topic 3.The future arrhythmia management: Neuromodulation in perspectiveKalyanam SHIVKUMARUSA
Topic 4.New results in autonomic modulation therapy for heart failureMichael HILLUSA
Topic 5.Renal denervation and post infarct ventricular arrhythmiasGerhard HINDRICKSGermany
Atrial Fibrillation Drug
01-3110:40-12:20N201ASession:Managing Atrial Fibrillation in 2014: From Guidelines to Clinical Practice
Chair(s)Shih-Ann CHEN, Taiwan
Xue ZHAO, China
Yuk Kong LAU, Hong Kong
Topic 1.New guidelines, new challengesA John CAMMUnited Kingdom
Topic 2.Electrophysiology - what's newEric PRYSTOWSKYUSA
Topic 3.Screening and detectionChung Wah David SIUHong Kong
Topic 4.Stroke preventionGregory LIPUnited Kingdom
Topic 5.Rate control, rhythm control, or bothWee-Siong TEOSingapore
VT Ablation
01-3110:40-12:20N201BSession:VT Ablation 2
Chair(s)Sunny Chiu-sun YUE, Hong Kong
Tachapong NGARMUKOS, Thailand
Yau Ting TAI, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Tips and tricks for epicardial punctureHyung-Wook PARKSouth Korea
Topic 2.Precise location of ventricular outflow tract arrhythmias base on 12-lead ECGXing Peng LIUChina
Topic 3.How to deal with fascicular VTs?Shibu MATHEWGermany
Topic 4.Role of unipolar mapping in ventricular outflow track arrhythmiaChang Sheng MAChina
Topic 5.Catheter ablation for PMVT/VFAkihiko NOGAMIJapan
Oral Abstract Session
01-3110:40-12:20N203Session:Case Report 2
Chair(s)Ji YAN, China
Wai-Hong CHEN, Hong Kong
Bradycardia Pacing
01-3110:40-12:20N206-208Session:Technical Approaches to the Difficult Lead Extraction
Chair(s)Kenneth ELLENBOGEN, USA
Kheng-Siang NG, Singapore
Siu-Ming KONG, Hong Kong
Xi-Wei DENG, Macau
Yan DAI, China
Topic 1.Patient selection and pre-procedural evaluationBruce WILKOFFUSA
Topic 2.Use of the laserYoji OKAMOTOJapan
Topic 3.Use of non-laser toolsChi Wo CHANHong Kong
Topic 4.How to get and stay out of troubleNigel LEVERNew Zealand
Topic 5.Overview of the art: What lessons have we learned over the last ten yearsCharles KENNERGRENSweden
Oral Abstract Session
01-3110:40-12:20N211-212Session:Best Abstract Award
Chair(s) and Judge(s)Cheuk Man YU, Hong Kong
Chris Kwok-Yiu WONG, Hong Kong
Kam Tim CHAN, Hong Kong
Meleze HOCINI, France
Sponsored Symposium
01-3112:20-13:50N101ASession:St. Jude Medical Lunch Symposium - The Future of Device Management
Chair(s)Katherine FAN, Hong Kong
Kwok Keung CHAN, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Leadless pacing
Topic 2.CRT MultiPoint pacing - reducing non-responder ratesCarlo PAPPONEItaly
Topic 3.Remote disease management (clinical data review)Edmund KEUNGUSA
Sponsored Symposium
01-3112:20-13:50N106-108Session:Medtronic SCA Lunch Symposium
Chair(s)Chu Pak LAU, Hong Kong
De Jia HUANG, China
Topic 1.Global Improve SCA trial
Topic 2.SCA patient pathway protocolChi-Keong CHINGSingapore
Topic 3.Role of MRI conditional ICDsMichael HILLUSA
Sponsored Symposium
01-3112:20-13:50N201BSession:Biotronik Lunch Symposium - Advancing the Standard of Care for Patients with the use of Novel Technologies
Chair(s)Ngai Yin CHAN, Hong Kong
Tin-Chu LAW, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Practical approaches in the management of ICD patients with BIOTRONIK home monitoringRuth KAMSingapore
Topic 2.AF Management with BIOTRONIK DX systemJo Jo HAIHong Kong
EP Tracing
01-3113:50-15:30N101ASession:Interpretatino of Unknown Intracardiac Electrograms 1
PanelistsChu Pak LAU, Hong Kong
Jonathan KALMAN, Australia
Yan YAO, China
Young-Hoon KIM, South Korea
Oral Abstract Session
01-3113:50-15:30N104-105Session:ECG; Classic, Complex and Unknown
Chair(s)Carmen CHAN, Hong Kong
Carolyn LAM, Singapore
Takanori IKEDA, Japan
Xin Chun YANG, China
01-3113:50-15:30N106-108Session:ICD and Atrial Fibrillation
Chair(s)Fa Rong SHEN, China
Kam Sang WOO, Hong Kong
Linda LAM, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Device choice and programmingChun-Chieh WANGTaiwan
Topic 2.Impact of atrial fibrillation on outcomesWee-Siong TEOSingapore
Topic 3.Management of anticoagulationKen OKUMURAJapan
Topic 4.Chronotropic incompetence and rate controlBruce WILKOFFUSA
Topic 5.Atrial fibrillation and AV junction ablation for ICD and CRT patientsDong-Gu SHINSouth Korea
Special Session
01-3113:50-15:30N109-110Session:Video Case Presentation
Chair(s)Harry MOND, Australia
Hung Fat TSE, Hong Kong
Wei HUA, China
Topic 1.Case 1Ngai Yin CHANHong Kong
Topic 2.Case 2Carsten ISRAELGermany
Allied Professionals Program
01-3113:50-15:30N111-112Session:Basic Electrophysiology
Chair(s)Kin Keung TSANG, Hong Kong
Sin Hing CHIU, Hong Kong
Topic 1.ECG for allied professionalsDhillon Harbinder KAURHong Kong
Topic 2.Brady-arrhythmiasMichael Ka-Lam WONGHong Kong
Topic 3.Tachy-arrhythmiasKwok Keung CHANHong Kong
Topic 4.Non-invasive investigations of rhythm disordersWarren Wai-lun WONGHong Kong
Topic 5.Chain of SurvivalWai-Ming CHANHong Kong
Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
01-3113:50-15:30N201ASession:Progress in Ablation of AF
Chair(s)Eun-Jung BAE, South Korea
Hua DENG, China
Man Chun CHOI, Hong Kong
Topic 1.New generation high output/alternative energy sources for the ablation of AFhKarl Heinz KUCKGermany
Topic 2.Ganglionated plexi ablation: appraisal of risks and benefitsYasuo OKUMURAJapan
Topic 3.Extracorporeal carbon particle therapy for ablating atrial arrhythmiasDouglas PACKERUSA
Topic 4.High-density mapping and ablation of complex atrial tachyardiaYumei XUEChina
Topic 5.Innovations in EP mapping and ablation cathetersPeter CHENUSA
VT Ablation
01-3113:50-15:30N201BSession:(VT Ablation 3)
Chair(s)Cheuk Man YU, Hong Kong
Ke Ping CHEN, China
Yiu-kwan KO, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Strategies for substrate ablation: homogenization, LAVA/late potentials, linear lesions?Meleze HOCINIFrance
Topic 2.Mapping of Brugada syndromeCarlo PAPPONEItaly
Topic 3.Substrate based techniques only during sinus rhythm: how reliable is this? Yong-Seog OHSouth Korea
Topic 4.Management of hemodynamic unstable VTsChi-Keong CHINGSingapore
Topic 5.New technology for intramural VTsGerhard HINDRICKSGermany
Oral Abstract Session
01-3113:50-15:30N203Session:Atrial Fibrillation: New Insights and Mechanisms 1
Chair(s)Chi Yeung CHEUNG, Hong Kong
Lik Cheung CHENG, Hong Kong
Surendra K CHUTANI, India
Yuanxiu CHEN, China
Atrial Fibrillation Device
01-3113:50-15:30N206-208Session:How to Manage AF Patients with Devices
Chair(s)Chi Kin Hamish CHAN, Hong Kong
Danny CHOW, Hong Kong
Kyoungim CHO, South Korea
Xing Peng LIU, China
Topic 1.When to anticoagulate asymptomatic AF on device datalogsJohn IPUSA
Topic 2.Optimize ICD device programming to avoid inappropriate AF shocksDavid CANNOMUSA
Topic 3.When to choose AF ablation vs AV node ablation vs amiodarone in ICD subjectsCathy TF LAMHong Kong
Topic 4.When to perform AV node ablation in CRT patients with AfibYuji NAKAZATOJapan
Topic 5.How best to manage anticoagulation during CIED proceduresGregory LIPUnited Kingdom
Topic 6.Optimizing CRT function among patients with AFAnil SAXENAIndia
CSPE Session
01-3113:50-15:30N211-212Session:EP Part
Chair(s)Cong Xin HUANG, China
Ke Jiang CAO, China
Shu Keung Alex KWONG, Hong Kong
Topic 1.The value of high density mapping and contact force monitoring on radiofrequency ablation of AFYan YAOChina
Topic 2.Accelerated ventricular rhythm from His-purkinje system: benign or insidious
Topic 3.Left atrial appendage occlusion in China
Topic 4.Cryoablation for treatment of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation: experience from Ruijin HospitalLi Qun WUChina
Topic 5.Scn5a screening might predispose to VT/VF after lidocaine administration in the setting of myocardial ischemiaKui HONGChina
EP Tracing
01-3116:00-17:40N101ASession:Interpretation of Unknown Intracardiac Electrograms 2
PanelistsChu Pak LAU, Hong Kong
Jonathan KALMAN, Australia
Yan YAO, China
Young-Hoon KIM, South Korea
Surgical Therapy and Device
01-3116:00-17:40N104-105Session:Arrhythmia Surgery
Chair(s)Andy Shiu-shek CHUNG, Hong Kong
Ji YAN, China
Jian An WANG, China
Mohan NAIR, India
Raymond Kin-tao LI, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Long-term outcome after Maze procedure with mitral valve surgeryJae-Won LEESouth Korea
Topic 2.LA function after surgical procedureKyoungim CHOSouth Korea
Topic 3.Concomitant valve surgery and AF surgeryTai Leung Daniel CHANHong Kong
Topic 4.Surgery for non-ischemic VTTakashi NITTAJapan
Topic 5.Long-term outcomes after AF Ablation: catheter vs. surgeryJames Woon Wai WONGSingapore
Topic 6.Minimally invasive mitral and AF surgerySuchart CHAIYAROJThailand
01-3116:00-17:40N106-108Session:Tachycardia Device Outcomes
Chair(s)Chern-En CHIANG, Taiwan
Kathy LF LEE, Hong Kong
Michio OGANO, Japan
Yun Long XIA, China
Topic 1.ICD programming to improve outcomesWanwarang WONGCHAROENThailand
Topic 2.Risk stratification for primary prevention
Topic 3.When and how to use subcutaneous ICD therapyArthur WILDENetherlands
Topic 4.CIED deactivationChu Pak LAUHong Kong
Topic 5.Creative and alternative venous access for implantationMorio SHODAJapan
Sponsored Symposium
01-3116:00-17:40N109-110Session:Medtronic Atrial Fibrillation Symposium
Chair(s)Cathy TF LAM, Hong Kong
Cong Xin HUANG, China
Yenn-Jiang LIN, Taiwan
Topic 1.Early experience of cryoablation in ChinaPi Hua FANGChina
Topic 2.Tips and tricks of using 1st generation cryoballoon
Topic 3.AF ablation with 2nd generation cryoballoon Ngai Yin CHANHong Kong
Allied Professionals Program
01-3116:00-17:40N111-112Session:Basic Devices
Chair(s)Andy Wai-Kwong CHAN, Hong Kong
Kam-wai LAI, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Anti-arrhythmias drugsChi Kin Hamish CHANHong Kong
Topic 2.Electrophysiology study: when, why and how?Man Chun CHOIHong Kong
Topic 3.Catheter ablation: principles and applicationLok Yan Frank TAMHong Kong
Topic 4.Cardioversion and tilt table testing: nursing perspectivesWai Sum LUKHong Kong
Topic 5.Overview of implantable cardiac devicesPak-Hei CHANHong Kong
Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
01-3116:00-17:40N201ASession:A New Generation of Approaches
Chair(s)Chen Yang JIANG, China
Jiunn-Lee LIN, Taiwan
Peter TL KING, Hong Kong
Tak Him Patrick KO, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Linear cold balloon therapy for persistent atrial fibrillationFei Fan OUYANGGermany
Topic 2.Impact of contact force ablation on clinical outcomes in patients with atrial fibrillationChang Sheng MAChina
Topic 3.4-5 D mapping for ablation of AF rotors to driversDouglas PACKERUSA
Topic 4.The biophysics of new generation cryoballoon and contact force ablative interventionNgai Yin CHANHong Kong
Topic 5.Pulmonary antrum radial-linear ablationXue ZHAOChina
SVT Ablation
01-3116:00-17:40N201BSession:SVT Ablation 1
Chair(s)Carmen CHAN, Hong Kong
Chris Kwok-Yiu WONG, Hong Kong
Meleze HOCINI, France
Ming Long CHEN, China
Topic 1.De novo atypical atrial fluttersJonathan KALMANAustralia
Topic 2.Ablation of atriofascicular pathwaysRuey SUNGUSA
Topic 3.Ablation of AT post AF ablationPrashanthan SANDERSAustralia
Topic 4.Atrial arrhythmias in repaired congenital heart diseaseYan YAOChina
Oral Abstract Session
01-3116:00-17:40N203Session:Bradycardia Pacing
Chair(s)Steve WK LAI, Hong Kong
Wan Yip CHONG, Hong Kong
Yoji OKAMOTO, Japan
Lead Management/ Extraction
01-3116:00-17:40N206-208Session:Infection and Extraction
Chair(s)John IP, USA
Steven SL LI, Hong Kong
Yui Chi SO, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Incidence, risks and detection of device infectionKenneth ELLENBOGENUSA
Topic 2.Understanding bacteria and biofilms
Topic 3.Outcomes of patients with device infectionsNigel LEVERNew Zealand
Topic 4.Extraction approaches to infected devicesXue Bin LIChina
Topic 5.Best practices in prevention and treatment of infectionsChun-Chieh WANGTaiwan
CSPE Session
01-3116:00-17:40N211-212Session:Anticoagulation of AF
Chair(s)De Jia HUANG, China
Kui HONG, China
Ping Ching FONG, Hong Kong
Xiao Shu CHENG, China
Yi Gang LI, China
Topic 1.The present situation and problems of atrial fibrillation anticoagulation in ChinaChang Sheng MAChina
Topic 2.Application of new oral anticoagulant for patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation - consensus of Chinese expertsDe Jia HUANGChina
Topic 3.Antithrombotic therapy for the atrial fibrillation in patients with acute coronary syndromeXin Chun YANGChina
Topic 4.Antithrombotic therapy for the atrial fibrillation patients in perioperative or postoperative period of radiofrequency ablationBo YANGChina
Topic 5.Does the subclinical atrial fibrillation recorded by pacemaker need antithrombotic therapy?Jian Zeng DONGChina
Special Session
01-3118:00-18:30N101ASession:Opening Ceremony
Topic 1.Officiated by Guest-of-Honor: Wing-Man KO, BBS, JP, Secretary for Food and Health, HKSAR Government
Special Session
01-3118:30-19:00N101ASession:Sun Chieh Yeh Heart Foundation Lecture
Chair(s)Chu Pak LAU, Hong Kong
Shu ZHANG, China
Topic 1.Stroke and bleeding risks in atrial fibrillation: What can we learn from registries?Gregory LIPUnited Kingdom
Date Time Venue Speaker Country
Practical Arrhythmia Management for Clinicians
02-0108:30-10:10N101ASession:ECG and Case Studies: How to Approach Such Arrhythmia?
Chair(s)Bun-Lap WONG, Hong Kong
Chung Seung CHIANG, Hong Kong
Topic 1.ECG interpretationChu Pak LAUHong Kong
Topic 2.BradycardiaJiunn-Lee LINTaiwan
Topic 3.Narrow complex tachycardiaKwok Keung CHANHong Kong
Topic 4.Wide complex tachycardiaRuey SUNGUSA
Atrial Fibrillation in Structural Heart Diseases
02-0108:30-10:10N104-105Session:Atrial Fibrillation in Structural Heart Diseases: How Best to Manage?
Chair(s)Carlo PAPPONE, Italy
Chris Kwok-Yiu WONG, Hong Kong
Kazuo MATSUMOTO, Japan
Ryan KO, Hong Kong
Yi Gang LI, China
Topic 1.The patient with heart failureChi-Keong CHINGSingapore
Topic 2.The patient with valvular heart diseaseYu Tao GUOChina
Topic 3.The patient with "lone" AFA John CAMMUnited Kingdom
Topic 4.The patient with congenital heart diseaseSabrina TSAOUSA
Bradycardia Pacing
02-0108:30-10:10N106-108Session:Clinical Trials Update
Chair(s)Akihiko NOGAMI, Japan
Chi-Ming WONG, Hong Kong
Ji MA, China
Kai Fat TSE, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Lessons from MADIT CRTDavid CANNOMUSA
Topic 2.Lesson from MADIT RITKenneth STEINUSA
Topic 3.Lessons from BLOCK HFChun-Chieh WANGTaiwan
Topic 4.Lessons from MINVERVALuigi PADELETTIItaly
Topic 5.Lessons from IN-TIMEGerhard HINDRICKSGermany
Genetic Counselling for Inherited Cardic Arrhythmia
02-0108:30-10:10N109-110Session:Approach to Genetic Counselling for Inherited Cardiac Arrhythmias
Chair(s)Kin Keung TSANG, Hong Kong
Mei Xiang XIANG, China
Yiu-Fai CHEUNG, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Overview of management and outcomes in sudden death survivors with channelopathiesNgai Shing MOKHong Kong
Topic 2.Arrhythmia risk assessment in asymptomatic family membersArthur WILDENetherlands
Topic 3.Arrhythmia reduction strategies in inherited arrhythmiasMinoru HORIEJapan
Topic 4.Long-term follow up and management of patients with inherited channelopathiesKui HONGChina
Allied Professionals Program
02-0108:30-10:10N111-112Session:Advanced Electrophysiology
Chair(s)Kathy LF LEE, Hong Kong
Yui Chi SO, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Cardiac anatomy and the conduction systemJo Jo HAIHong Kong
Topic 2.Overview of CARTO mappingShawn Byung Chan LEESingapore
Topic 3.Overview of Ensite mappingWing Hong FUNGHong Kong
Topic 4.Application of cryoablationNgai Yin CHANHong Kong
Topic 5.Techniques of transeptal punctureCheung Wah Boron CHENGHong Kong
Oral Abstract Session
02-0108:30-10:10N203Session:Atrial Fibrillation (Ablation) 3
Chair(s)Stephen KM TAM, Hong Kong
Surendra K CHUTANI, India
Wing-Hung LEUNG, Hong Kong
Lead Management/ Extraction
02-0108:30-10:10N206-208Session:Lead Extraction
Chair(s)Chi Wo CHAN, Hong Kong
Fen LI, China
Ming Ho WONG, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Trans femoral approach of lead extractionNigel LEVERNew Zealand
Topic 2.When and how each tool is usefulBruce WILKOFFUSA
Topic 3.Knowing when to say no or stopHung Fat TSEHong Kong
Topic 4.Coronary sinus lead extractionMorio SHODAJapan
Topic 5.Managing vegetations in device patientsCharles KENNERGRENSweden
CSPE Session
02-0108:30-10:10N211-212Session:Implanted Device
Chair(s)Cong Xin HUANG, China
Jing Feng WANG, China
Li Qun WU, China
Victor KM GOH, Hong Kong
Topic 1.The application of cardiac implantable devices in China-2014
Topic 2.Primary prevention of sudden cardiac death- China RegistryDe Jia HUANGChina
Topic 3.The developments in cardiac-pacing in ChinaWei HUAChina
Topic 4.Progress of cardiac contractility modulation in the therapy of heart failure
Topic 5.If CRT based on pace-making of the left ventricle can bring additional benefitsYumei XUEChina
Topic 6.A application of remote monitoring of cardiac pacemaker in ChinaJiefu YANGChina
Implanted Device
02-0108:30-10:10N211-212Session:CSPE Session III
Topic 1.The application of cardiac implantable devices in China--2014
Topic 2.Primary prevention of sudden cardiac death--China Registry
Topic 3.The developments in cardiac-pacing in China
Topic 4.Progress of cardiac contractility modulation in the therapy of heart failure
Topic 5.If the CRT based on the pace-making of left ventricle can bring additional benefits
Topic 6.The application of remote monitoring of cardiac pacemaker in China
Sudden Cardiac Death
02-0108:30-10:10N211-212Session:CSPE Session IV
Topic 1.Prevention of sudden death in hypertrophic cardio myopathy: updated guidelines
Topic 2.Prevention of sudden cardiac death in non-ischemic cardiomyopathy
Topic 3.Predictive factors of sudden cardiac death for post myocardial patients with heart failure
Topic 4.Research progress on hereditary arrhythmia
Topic 5.Progress in treatment of idiopathic ventricular fibrillation
Topic 6.Treatment for arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy RFCA or ICD
Practical Arrhythmia Management for Clinicians
02-0110:40-12:20N101ASession:How would you Manage this Patient?
Chair(s)Archie Ying-sui LO, Hong Kong
Yu-fat CHOW, Hong Kong
Topic 1.An elderly patient who faintedRichard SUTTONMonaco
Topic 2.A sleep apnea patient with cardiomegalyKai Hang YIUHong Kong
Topic 3.A patient with palpitation and tones of ectopicsVenkat THOLAKANAHALLIUSA
Topic 4.A cancer patient with an ICDJohn IPUSA
Atrial Fibrillation Drug
02-0110:40-12:20N104-105Session:Drugs for Atrial Fibrillation: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Chair(s)Andy Wai-Kwong CHAN, Hong Kong
Charles KENNERGREN, Sweden
Yuemei HOU, China
Topic 1.What or who are we treating?Jiunn-Lee LINTaiwan
Topic 2.Drugs for pharmacological cardioversion: the old, the new and the futureDavid BENDITTUSA
Topic 3.Sinus conversion of persistent AF by BepridilYuji NAKAZATOJapan
Topic 4.Rate control with digoxin: safe or not?A John CAMMUnited Kingdom
Topic 5.Stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation: pharmacological and non-pharmacological approachesGregory LIPUnited Kingdom
Atrial Fibrillation Device
02-0110:40-12:20N106-108Session:AF and CIEDS
Chair(s)Chun Ho CHENG, Hong Kong
Takashi NITTA, Japan
Wei HUA, China
Topic 1.What is the prognostic importance of AF documented on device datalogsChu Pak LAUHong Kong
Topic 2.Role of loop-recorder in evaluation of cryptogenic strokeNgai Yin CHANHong Kong
Topic 3.Prognostic importance of AF among ICD patientsKazuo MATSUMOTOJapan
Topic 4.Role of ATP and MVP in preventing AFLuigi PADELETTIItaly
Sponsored Symposium
02-0110:40-12:20N109-110Session:Medtronic - Radiology and MRI Implantable Cardiac Devices Symposium
Topic 1.MRI conditional device updateMichael HILLUSA
Topic 2.Cardiologist perspectiveCarmen CHANHong Kong
Topic 3.Radiologist perspectiveStephen CHEUNGHong Kong
Topic 4.MRI conditional device programming pre/post MRI
Allied Professionals Program
02-0110:40-12:20N111-112Session:Advanced Devices
Chair(s)Chi Wo CHAN, Hong Kong
Ming Ho WONG, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Conscious sedation in the EP labChi Wai CHEUNGHong Kong
Topic 2.Implantation and follow up of pacemakersSum Kin LEUNGHong Kong
Topic 3.Implantation and follow up of CRT devicesHo Chuen YUENHong Kong
Topic 4.Implantation and follow up of ICDCathy TF LAMHong Kong
Topic 5.Remote monitoring of implantable cardiac devicesYiu-kwan KOHong Kong
Sudden Cardiac Death
02-0110:40-12:20N203Session:State of the Art for Familial Arrhythmia Syndromes: Long QT, Brugada, CPVT, HCM, ARVD
Chair(s)Chung Seung CHIANG, Hong Kong
Peter CY WONG, Hong Kong
You Qi FAN, China
Young-Hoon KIM, South Korea
Topic 1.Risk markers on the 12-lead ECGKen OKUMURAJapan
Topic 2.Clinical approach to genetic testing and counsellingArthur WILDENetherlands
Topic 3.Role of drug therapyMohan NAIRIndia
Topic 4.Role of catheter ablationGerhard HINDRICKSGermany
02-0110:40-12:20N206-208Session:(CRT Workshop 2)
Chair(s)David CANNOM, USA
Jyh-Ming JUANG, Taiwan
Wilson WM CHAN, Hong Kong
Xiaomei LI, China
Topic 1.Effect of pacing sites on CRT responsesNancy YUHong Kong
Topic 2.Should CRT be used in RBBB subjects?De Jia HUANGChina
Topic 3.Optimizing CRT-D programming to minimize shocksDavid CANNOMUSA
Topic 4.A new paradigm in CRT - adaptive CRT clinical evidenceMichael HILLUSA
CSPE Session
02-0110:40-12:20N211-212Session:Sudden Cardiac Death
Chair(s)David CK HU, Hong Kong
Ji YAN, China
Ke Jiang CAO, China
Shu ZHANG, China
Wei XU, China
Xiao Shu CHENG, China
Topic 1.Risk of sudden death in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and ICD therapy
Topic 2.Prevention of sudden cardiac death in nonischemic cardiomyopathy
Topic 3.Predictive factors of sudden cardiac death for post myocardial infarction patients with heart failureWei HUAChina
Topic 4.Research progress on hereditary arrhythmiaKui HONGChina
Topic 5.Progress in treatment of idiopathic ventricular fibrillationHong JIANGChina
Topic 6.Treatment for arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy: RFCA or ICD?
Sponsored Symposium
02-0112:20-13:50N101ASession:Boehringer Ingelheim Lunch Symposium
Chair(s)Kathy LF LEE, Hong Kong
On Hing KWOK, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Evidences of NOACs in SPAF: past, present and futureHung Fat TSEHong Kong
Topic 2.Stroke management in NOAC patients: from acute presentation to recoveryYannie SOOHong Kong
Sponsored Symposium
02-0112:20-13:50N106-108Session:Boston Scientific Lunch Symposium
Chair(s)Chu Pak LAU, Hong Kong
Ngai Yin CHAN, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Subcutaneous ICD: simplicity in complexityChi-Keong CHINGSingapore
Topic 2.Mapping and ablating using the high density Rhythmia™ systemGerhard HINDRICKSGermany
Topic 3.True tip location ablation with MiFi™ micro fidelity electrodesHung Fat TSEHong Kong
Practical Arrhythmia Management for Clinicians
02-0113:50-15:30N101ASession:Update on Implantable Cardiac Devices
Chair(s)Kathy LF LEE, Hong Kong
Yui Chi SO, Hong Kong
Topic 1.Contemporary implantable cardiac electronic devicesRuth KAMSingapore
Topic 2.Recent advances in bradycardia pacingHarry MONDAustralia
Topic 3.Recent advances in implantable defibrillatorDavid CANNOMUSA
Topic 4.Recent advances in cardiac resynchronization therapyHo Chuen YUENHong Kong
Atrial Fibrillation Drug
02-0113:50-15:30N104-105Session:How to Use NOACs for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: Practical Tips
Chair(s)Chin Pang Gary CHAN, Hong Kong
Jian An WANG, China
Ke Jiang CAO, China
Topic 1.Choosing the right NOAC for the right patient: one drug for all?Chern-En CHIANGTaiwan
Topic 2.Do we need to treat Asian patients differentlyKen OKUMURAJapan
Topic 3.The patient who is bleeding or requiring surgery: is a NOAC antidote neededLi Qun WUChina
Topic 4.The patient presenting with an acute coronary syndrome and/or requiring stentingBryan Ping-yen YANHong Kong
Topic 5.Ensuring compliance and treatment adherenceGregory LIPUnited Kingdom
SVT Ablation
02-0113:50-15:30N106-108Session:SVT Ablation 2
Chair(s)Alexander SP WONG, Hong Kong
Liang CHOW, Hong Kong
Xiao Shu CHENG, China
Topic 1.Diagnostic maneuvers for SVT/AVNRT/accessory pathwayssSteve WK LAIHong Kong
Topic 2.Do we need 3D mapping for SVT ablation?Man Chun CHOIHong Kong
Topic 3.Ablation of atriofascicular pathwaysAkihiko NOGAMIJapan
Topic 4.Cool Flex irrigation tip atrial flutter ablationSurendra K CHUTANIIndia
Oral Abstract Session
02-0113:50-15:30N109-110Session:Basic Research
Chair(s)He HUANG, China
Xue ZHAO, China
Oral Abstract Session
02-0113:50-15:30N203Session:Case Report 3
Chair(s)Cheung Wah Boron CHENG, Hong Kong
Jason CHAN, Hong Kong
02-0113:50-15:30N206-208Session:Device Workshop: Analysis of Advanced Device Function
Chair(s)Chi-yuen WONG, Hong Kong
Clement PY LEE, Hong Kong
Jian JIANG, China
Topic 1.Analysis of complex CRT tracingsCarsten ISRAELGermany
Topic 2.Analysis of complex pacemaker tracingsDavid BENDITTUSA
Topic 3.Analysis of different ICD device algorithmsKenneth ELLENBOGENUSA
Oral Abstract Session
02-0113:50-15:30N211-212Session:Heart Failure & Remote Patient Monitoring 2
Chair(s)Jiefu YANG, China
Raymond Kin-tao LI, Hong Kong
Suchart CHAIYAROJ, Thailand
Practical Arrhythmia Management for Clinicians
02-0116:00-17:40N101ASession:Atrial Fibrillation
Chair(s)Paul Tat-chung LAM, Hong Kong
Victor Wing-tat YAN, Hong Kong
Topic 1.How to decide on rate or rhythm control?A John CAMMUnited Kingdom
Topic 2.Who and when should you refer for AF ablation?Kathy LF LEEHong Kong
Topic 3.Who needs antithrombotic treatment?Chern-En CHIANGTaiwan
Topic 4.How to deal with a patient on novel anticoagulant when they develop other medical issues?Kai Hang YIUHong Kong
Oral Abstract Session
02-0116:00-17:40N111-112Session:Atrial Fibrillation: New Insights and Mechanisms 2
Chair(s)Chi Wing LO, Hong Kong
Hau Kwong CHUNG, Hong Kong
Xiao Lin XUE, China
Yenn-Jiang LIN, Taiwan


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